Customized Integrated Marketing Solutions

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” -Kurt Koffka

Idea Marketing is a full-service, integrated marketing firm that specializes in building clients’ brands in stakeholder’s minds.

We offer a one-stop solution for our clients that ensures brand consistency in all client communications. Our services range from marketing research and strategy, to the development and implementation of communication plans, everything tailored to our client’s needs and with a unique touch of out of the box thinking. By using an integrated marketing approach, we are able to fuse together all functions of marketing to develop synergies that assure we deliver measurable results that exceed our clients goals.

Multicultural Competence

We embrace and harness diversity.

Multicultural is a lot more than Hispanics, African Americans, Asians or Caucasians… it’s all of them together mixed in a perfect melting pot. Thanks to our multicultural marketing capabilities, we are experts in creating communications initiatives that resonate with 100% of the population regardless of their ethnic background. We leverage our multicultural legacy, our bi-cultural talent and profound expertise to create ideas that move.
By understanding the nuances of minority groups and how ethnicity affects consumer behavior, we are able to deliver stronger emotional connections with your brand or cause.

Award Winning Superpower

Our marketing campaigns have brought great success to our clients and earned high recognitions and multiple awards from the marketing and communication industry. In the last six years, The Idea Marketing has been recognized with more than 15 international and national communications awards that are solely granted to the highest quality campaigns worldwide to celebrate outstanding creative and technical achievements in the marketing world. Additionally, The Idea Marketing was further recognized in 2012 and 2013 as one of the Top 500 Hispanic owned businesses in the U.S.

While we are truly honored for the recognition of our work, the ultimate award we strive to attain is the satisfaction of our clients and delivering measurable campaign results for their organizations. That is the reason why our tagline stands as “from good ideas to great results.”

Partnership Builders

In today’s business environment, collaboration is the name of the game!
At Idea Marketing we are experts in the development of strategic partnerships. We have a proven track record of implementing communications plans that pull together for-profit, non-profit and governmental organizations to offset costs and stretch marketing dollars for our clients.