Marketing Strategy and Consulting

Our approach is tStrategy2o develop integrated marketing campaigns that include different marketing functions and layers of communication. Working in unison, our plans are able to overcome perception barriers and move target audiences to action.

Additionally, we believe in showing our clients how to fish instead of just giving them a fish. Thus, we offer marketing consulting service so our clients can walk by themselves. For us, client empowerment through consulting services is key to multiplying our impact in the community.

Here our capabilities include the development of Integrated Marketing Strategies and Plans, the Creation of Messaging Platforms, General Marketing and Multicultural Marketing Consulting, Cultural Awareness Workshops, Translations and Transcreation Services.

Market Research

ResearchAny marketing campaign is destined to fail if each message and tactic is not developed accurately to answer and tackle consumers’ perceptions, misunderstandings and/or behaviors. The Idea Marketing team firmly believes that the only way to effectively develop a successful campaign that resonates with the target audience is by putting into practice the findings of qualitative and quantitative market research.

Therefore, developing market research initiatives is the first and key step of all The Idea Marketing campaigns. Our research capabilities include: In-depth Interviews, Focus Groups, Projective Techniques, Stated Preference Analysis, Blind Tests, Concept Testing, U&A Studies, and Segmentation and Positioning Research Studies.


branding2We specialize in conceptualization and design of brands destined to showcase the essence and uniqueness of a product, company, nonprofit, or government agency.

Our brand development goes well beyond the creation of a logo or a tagline.  We create concepts and designs that push a brand into a targeted audience’s consciousness and cause the necessary impact.  Our capabilities include the development of Brand Positioning and Brand Architectures, Logos, Taglines, Stationeries, Brand Books, Signage and Collateral Pieces.

Campaign Creative & Collateral Material Development

CreativeWe are experts at developing campaigns and collateral materials that combine creative concepts with strategic thinking. Creativity is not only about being cool, edgy, or beautiful; it is about supporting your brand and marketing strategies.

In this manner our designs not only win creativity awards, they actually resonate with our target audiences and move them to action. We apply our creative IDEAS to your communication needs, from developing campaign concepts from scratch, to adapting mainstream campaigns to reach minorities groups, or evolving current concepts and taking them to the next level.

Some of the most common design and collateral materials pieces we develop include Booklets, Brochures, Annual Reports, Posters, Banners, Billboards, and Sales Kits, among others.


Advertising2Our advertising expertise goes beyond the traditional mass media where you only count GRPs.  We see advertising and placement opportunities anywhere our target audience is.  We study their behavior, media consumption habits, and analyze the places where they live, work and play. All to develop adverting campaigns with unparalleled results able to reach all our audiences while maximizing media budgets.

This doesn’t mean we exclude the traditional though, as we are able to secure great return on investment through TV, radio, print, and out of home outlets.  Our critical minds create advertising and media strategies that truly work.

Our advertising capabilities include Media Planning and Buying, TV and Radio Spot Production, Print Design, Out-of-Home Advertising, Guerrilla and Viral Marketing, Mobile Advertising, and Direct Marketing Campaigns.

Non-Traditional Marketing

NonTraditionalAn average person receives anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 advertising messages a day. Additionally, as marketing budgets become more limited, there is an imperative need to be creative and think outside of the box by using non-traditional media initiatives.

We are experts at finding new outlets that can be used to transmit messages in those places where our audiences live, work and play…. where others see a Lunch Truck or a Coffee Sleeve, we see a Mobile Billboard and a Flyer in the hand of our consumer.

Community Relations & Outreach

RelationsOne of the most valuable skills is the ability to navigate the waters that surround a project.  We know how to find organizations and individuals that have a vested interest in a program, service, or good.  Hence, we are able to find that low hanging fruit that will take our offering and run with it.

Additionally, we truly know how to engage in successful grassroots outreach efforts.  We develop outreach plans that deeply impact target audiences in the places where they live, work and play. We know how to hit the streets and develop a close relationship with our audiences through face-to-face interaction.

Our expertise also includes grasstops community outreach. We find and create meaningful buy-in among key individuals, community leaders, and those critical stakeholders with the ability to become our brand ambassadors and disseminate information to their peers and those they lead.

Websites, Multimedia Production & 2D - 3D Animations

WebsitesOur in house capabilities include the development of websites, multimedia productions and even 2D and 3D animations… all with the highest level of quality and top-notch creativity.

That is the reason why some of our multimedia productions have been awarded with Telly Awards, which is often regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in the communications industry.

Being able to develop all these communication pieces in house offers our clients the ability to stretch their marketing budgets, and have video testimonials, infographics and TV spots, when they thought their financial resources only allowed them to get a radio spot or an online banner.

Public Relations

PRWe know how to develop creative media opportunities that open doors to win-win situations for both our clients and the media outlets. In this manner, our expertise garnering media exposure for our clients has achieved unparalleled results.  This includes securing 100% matches in radio and TV spots, live radio show mentions, and endorsements from famous DJs and media personalities.

Thanks to our multicultural marketing capabilities, our relationships with the media know no boundaries. We work in the same successful manner with both mainstream and Hispanic media.

Our Public Relations work includes Bilingual Media Training, Media Relations, Crisis Communications, Community Relations, and Event Planning, among others.

Multicultural Marketing

MulticulturalThe face of our country is changing the way we communicate with each other and other cultures. It is not hard to find in any given public school more than 20 distinct and unique minority and ethnic communities. Thus, one message does NOT fit all any more. In that sense, having an adequate cultural competence is a condition sine qua non to develop effective marketing campaigns and communication strategies that reach our demographic melting pot.

Multicultural marketing is not about the differences but about the similarities. Our approach is to concentrate on the commonalities between each sub-segment of the market and develop strategies that can motivate all audiences to take action in unison. In this manner, we develop highly effective and budget conscious marketing campaigns capable of building synergies across different demographics.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is extremely effective and valuable for brands to create demand, increase engagement and loyalty, and drive more sales. Technology and advertising is evolving so quickly and we are up to speed with many modern technologies to reach your specific target marketing in the digital environment.

Digital marketing offers quick and fully measurable results. With lots of valuable information at our fingertips, we can always make changes if needed and optimize campaigns to achieve the best possible results. Our capabilities include advertising directly on Google and in other websites your target audience may use. We can help you place advertisements in both mobile and desktops in emails, social media websites, search engines, banner ads, etc.

Social Media Marketing

With over 2.8 billion people using social media, this is certainly an area where we specialize in advertising both organically and with paid media. All brands should have a social media presence to promote, engage, influence, and offer customer service.

We offer the full package to get your brand noticed on social media. We set up accounts, build a strategy, create editorial calendars, and engage with your customers daily. Additionally, we can manage your paid media investments on social media platforms to ensure they are fully optimized, reach the right audience, get more engagement, refer more people to your website, and get more leads or sales.