Opening Day Event

Public Relations

For more than a century, Elitch Gardens Theme Park has been one of the most popular entertainment destinations in Colorado.  On a day the park was originally scheduled to be closed, due to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, our team helped Elitch Gardens Theme Park open its doors and make it a day to remember not only for our city but the park itself.  This was the first season in 118 years that Elitch Gardens had a Hispanic Marketing campaign to actively appeal to the Latino community.  In order to promote this fun family event, we developed a partnership with the Mexican Consulate, Spanish-language media partners, local ethnic restaurants, and developed a cause marketing campaign: a $10 admission ticket for bringing a donation of a can of food to help Bienvenidos Food Bank.

Indeed, The Idea Marketing engaged the Hispanic community in a meaningful and impactful manner, hence drawing over 15,000 attendees.  On top of this, Bienvenidos Food Bank collected enough food to supply them through the rest of the summer, and the entire fall and winter of that year!