National Western Center

Market Research



Community Relations and Outreach


The City and County of Denver Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center (NWCO) selected as CH2M as its program manager for the National Western Center (NWC) campus development. The program represents a visionary transformation of the site into a year-round destination and regional asset, transforming these current Denver landmarks for the next 100 years. CH2M will deliver the ambitious goals set by the NWC Master Plan including full rehabilitation of the site and creating a new series of green and healthy spaces that will help to launch a new era for the National Western complex, Denver Coliseum and the adjoining neighborhoods.

The Idea Marketing is supporting CH2M with the non-traditional media, community relations and outreach of the project to ensure the community understand the changes that will come and get involved for the improvements of their community. 

We will conduct one-on-one interviews with key community members, host focus groups with community leaders, create market research reports, enroll street team members from the neighborhood, have grassroots activities to distribute information about the project, create a database of the community for a text messaging campaign, develop collateral materials for marketing initiatives, maintain community relations, and celebrate milestone murals.