Non-Medicinal Marijuana Youth Prevention and Education Campaign

Community Relations and Outreach

Integrated Marketing Campaign

Market Research

In 2014 we conducted a statewide creative testing of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment proposed materials for its new marijuana prevention campaign.  We conducted extensive qualitative research among first and second generation Hispanics on how to better apply the mainstream campaign to the Hispanic market.  Results unveiled great disparity of attitudes towards marijuana use between mainstream and Hispanic communities. Our findings also showed that 1) parents are eager to receive information and be educated regarding retail marijuana, and 2) that schools are among the most trusted community locations for this audience.   Consequently, a whole new culturally appropriate campaign was created for the Hispanic market that integrated extensive outreach efforts.

Currently we are implementing the Retail Marijuana Education and Prevention Latino / Hispanic Community Outreach Project campaign aimed at educating parents of low-income households on how to talk to their children regarding retail marijuana and how to prevent its consumption among teens and children.  During the first three months of the program, we trained over 200 parents in two-hour sessions and distributed information to other 1,500. 

As part of this project, we are also use the establishment of supportive neighborhoods model to motivated and enrolled around 40 parents to become ambassadors and reach out to others in their neighborhoods.