Grassroots and Events

Community Relations and Outreach

Public Relations

For the Denver Preschool Program (DPP), The Idea Marketing developed an advertising, media and PR campaign, but the key success factor was definitely the grassroots component. Our team visited community events, churches, street malls, and supermarkets looking to educate parents about the importance of early childhood education and how DPP could help them finance quality education for their children.

Furthermore, through our research we found that the main barriers to parents enrolling their kids were the amount of required, complicated paperwork and the number of identification pieces needed. With this in mind, we developed an event, Passport To Preschool, which was run 9 times throughout our city, and focused on cutting down these preexisting barriers. During the event, families presented all required documentation and our team helped them to fill out the applications.

In order to create awareness and draw attendance to Passport to Preschool, we worked closely with media sponsors and in turn received free exposure on TV and radio. Additionally, many radio and TV personalities decided to become brand ambassadors for DPP.

Furthermore, we decided to take this event to the next level and make it a community resource fair: we invited organizations that served those specific neighborhoods to participate. This included working with the Colorado Rapids, Denver Mobile Library, Mexican Consulate, Denver Recycles, Qualistar, and American Diabetes Association, among others. Here we were able to provide a festive environment with cultural entertainment, but also information and tests which were valuable to parents such as bone density scans, diabetes testing, how-to-recycle pamphlets, and consulate services brochures.

This set of events was such a success that it dramatically helped us increase the number of applicants to Denver Preschool Program. In this manner, we were able to reach DPP’s five year goals in just two.