Educa Radio


Public Relations

Marketing Strategy and Consulting

In 2009, the Department of Multicultural Outreach of Denver Public Schools (DPS) realized the need to inform and involve Spanish-speaking parents in the topics that affect their children’s education and reduce truancy.  Therefore, during the past few years, The Idea Marketing has worked with DPS’s multicultural outreach department as their marketing consultant.  In an effort to reach and educate Spanish-speaking parents about the American educational system, our firm created a Spanish-language radio program called EDUCA radio that airs on 1090 AM.    

The objective of developing this communication vehicle was to strengthen the connection between Denver’s schools and the Hispanic community, informing listeners about education related topics and social integration issues.  In addition, we developed the logo, overall strategy, radio show segments and a monthly newspaper that currently reaches all DPS parents.    

A couple of years later, EDUCA radio was in need of refreshing the program so we developed a brand new image and dedicated ourselves to media training for the hosts.  Currently, EDUCA radio has an average of 19,000 listeners that tune in on a weekly basis!