Día de los Niños

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Public Relations

Without a doubt, Denver Zoo is one of Colorado’s greatest attractions for families in the state.  In 2013, The Idea Marketing developed a plan to attract more Hispanic families by creating events that resonate with the community.  In this manner, The Idea Marketing decided to organize one of the largest Día de los Niños (Children’s Day) celebrations in our city.  By utilizing a media partnership, we secured TV and radio advertisements that led to large amounts of event coverage.  Additionally, we booked cultural entertainment and tracked usage of a $5 coupon through the development of a mobile marketing platform, which allowed us to create a Hispanic consumers database.  

Our results were simply incredible.  We were able to attract close to 20,000 attendees in one single day.  This number not only broke the record for one-day attendance at the zoo, but visitors consumed all the food, drinks and snacks that Denver Zoo’s concessions normally sell in an entire week!