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During the last eight years, many initiates have been executed but we would like to showcase our favorite effort: Pokémon Go Promotion.

The impact of digital strategies to increase ticket sales cannot be understated.  When the Pokémon Go swept over the world, we jumped at the opportunity of engaging a demographic that usually does no attend the Zoo: teens and young adults.  Just four days after the launch of the game, we put together a plan to leverage the opportunity to gain visitors and became the first tourist attraction in the city to capitalize on the trend.  Our initiative set up a Pokémon Go player’s dream by providing ticket holders with multiple opportunities to catch Pokémon at Denver Zoo.

Over the 12 hours the promotion was implemented, we brought in over 5,000 guests, made Denver Zoo the trending topic on Facebook and placed numerous stories in traditional media, and generated over $60,000 in revenue, all with minimal hard costs (only $430).