Anti-Drug Use Culturally Relevant Campaign

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The Denver Office of Drug Strategy contacted The Idea Marketing to develop a culturally relevant campaign targeting first and second generation Hispanic parents in order to tackle the problem of drug usage among teen and tweens in Southwest Denver.  

Throughout our market research we found evidence that all teenagers that had substance abuse issues started with alcohol use and binge drinking.  In fact, we discovered nearly 50% of the tweens in Southwest Denver had used alcohol.  We also uncovered that parents are very important in teens and tweens resistance to alcohol use and binge drinking, but they thought they could not influence their children’s behavior during their teenage years.   

In this manner, we concentrated in engaging parents in the topic and providing them tools to talk to their children about alcohol. We developed a 13-page Conversation Starter Kit for parents with information and resources about how to get involved with their children’s lives and how to talk to them about not using alcohol at an early age.  Additionally, we created collateral materials and educational resources, which consisted of posters, flyers, a tabletop display and a family card game to encourage communication between family members.