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Our work for Florence Crittenton demonstrates our ability to put out impactful content for target audiences; all based on in depth research studies of those groups.

Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado came to The Idea Marketing looking for research and strategic planning. The organization was aiming to motivate teen moms to continue their educational path and attend their high school. In order to further cultivate this positive impact on the community, they needed a plan to reach potential students and consequently increase their enrollment.

With this in mind, we oversaw a brand discovery process that led to their new image and communications strategy. Also, qualitative and quantitative research studies were conducted to identify perceptions of the organization through important stakeholders. These insights helped to create a cohesive branding and communications plan able to reach all three of Flo Crit’s audiences: teen moms, their parents and influencers. The plan included a new image, campaign concept, messaging platform, collateral materials (posters, flyers, billboards, bus shelters and bus benches), PR initiatives and a detailed implementation plan for the following two years of operations.

Only 12 months after the campaign launch, the school doubled its enrollment numbers and currently has a waiting list.