Office of Children, Youth and Families

Market Research

Each year hundreds of Colorado’s children and youth find themselves in need of a foster family and not enough people willing to provide a roof over their heads, food, education and love. Consequently, local human service offices struggle to find placement for children and youth.  This is especially true in the case of siblings, older youth, and children with higher needs (physical and/or mental).

The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) – Office of Children, Youth and Families understands this need and it is dedicated to support the counties on enrolling more foster parents.  Hence, during the fall of 2016, CDHS decided to invest resources to further study the profile of successful foster parents.

The Idea Marketing built a report which presented the objectives, methodology, and findings of a quantitative and qualitative research study to uncover the demographics, perspectives, motivations, and challenges of Colorado’s foster parents with a view to properly market and recruit more foster parents in the state.

For the quantitative study, a 28-question online survey was sent by email to a database of 884 people provided by CDHS.  Additionally, the survey was published on the Foster Care Facebook group. On the other hand, the qualitative study included two focus groups conducted in Denver and Colorado Springs.  An extra qualitative component was included through a 21-question media usage survey, which was distributed to the focus group participants.