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Integrated Marketing Campaign


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The Idea Marketing is leading an integrated marketing campaign for The Mental Health Center’s Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being which includes branding, collateral development, community outreach, social media, grassroots, and public relations.  This is a new center in the Northeast Park Hill neighborhood that provides community members a place to improve their integral health.  The Idea marketing is working on making the Dahlia Campus the go-to community center for all Park Hill residents.  We are dedicated to create a sense of community ownership for all!

The first step was developing a new brand personality and corporate image that resonates better with its’ community.  From there on, more than 72 pieces of collateral materials (including video testimonials) have been created.  All dedicated to ensure residents in the area are aware of the wide-array of services and programs that are offered at the Dahlia Campus for free, or to a nominal cost. Our mission was to propel the quality of life, mental health, and well-being of all Park Hill residents by getting them involved with the campus. 

Awareness is not enough, engagement is the key piece to move people to action and gain advocates in the community.  Hence, The Idea Marketing team dedicated a large part of the research process in developing close relationships with key community leaders to get their buy-in and open their doors to ensure the success of the grassroots efforts. In the end, our team developed an integrated marketing campaign to improve the integrated well-being of the great Denver community.