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In 2012, The Idea Marketing developed the first bilingual multi-layer campaign dedicated to impacting both mainstream and Hispanic sellers for Mile High Flea Market (MHFM).  In order to create awareness about how easy it is to sell new or used items at the market and how successful MHFM sellers are, we developed a new campaign concept.  Our approach was to inform potential sellers about how the average flea market seller makes from $250 to $500 per day – critical messaging that nobody knew.  With this in mind, we engaged in advertising, media buys, PR, grassroots outreach, community relations and collateral creation.  Indeed, the PR component has been critical for the success of the campaign, as we have secured over 25 two-minute TV interviews showcasing testimonials of successful flea market sellers. 

With more than 30,000 shoppers each weekend, we also leveraged this tremendous opportunity to turn shoppers into sellers.  Hence, we dedicated ourselves to on pavement grassroots outreach to motivate these flea market visitors to become flea market sellers.  Furthermore, we found that brick and mortar small businesses had enormous additional income potential through opening a new branch at Mile High Flea Market on the weekends.  Thus, we created another community outreach initiative where we visited many small businesses in the Denver Metro area, inviting them to open an extension of their store at the market.  

On top of this, during the past couple of years we have discovered that current flea market sellers need preparation and coaching to be successful.  Hence, we offered three inside the flea market workshops about selling techniques for new and current sellers.  Our overall goal revolved around creating and implementing a growth program for current sellers with the objective to provide them with the most important business skills to succeed as entrepreneurs. 

In conclusion, this multi-layered campaign allowed us to reach potential and current sellers from different angles and maximize our impact.  The results can be seen as nothing short of dramatic.