While Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) enjoys healthy levels of awareness in the Denver Metro area, they faced challenges in underserved communities where the stigma of mental health hindered engagement with the organization.  When MHCD established the Dahlia Campus in partnership with Denver’s Northeast Park Hill neighborhood they came to us to help bring this project to life.  Dahlia campus sits in an underserved food desert where the majority of residents are African Americans who felt their community had been abandoned and were skeptical of newcomers.


The campus provides integrative care for the mind, body and community including mental health services, fresh food, a dental clinic for children, a preschool and other support and meeting spaces for the entire Denver community.

Our challenge was to translate this variety of services into one brand that would encapsulate Dahlia’s mission, and simplify the concept of their holistic approach, so the community could understand what they do and have to offer.  This was done by creating an umbrella brand that can be easily adapted into secondary logos and collateral materials of the different offerings and programs available, without losing focus on how they are all part of Dahlia.

To simplify the array of services, we grouped them in three main ‘buckets’, each associated to a different secondary color: green to identify all mental health services, purple for community programs, and orange for programs related to the body and its health (dentistry, organic food farms, greenhouse, etc.)

Emphasizing the services offered as part of a continuum of care, we also implemented a messaging platform that upholds the importance of Dahlia’s holistic approach to whole body health.

Numerous collateral materials have been developed including: a landing page, brochures, vertical and horizontal banners, flyers, video testimonials, signage for the campus, and over five photography sessions to create enough assets for future use. Our work has served to give MHCD’s Dahlia Campus a cohesive identity and unified narrative and messaging platform.