The Colorado QuitLine has been active since 2002, but it needed to boost its media efforts to increase awareness and use of the free phone-based coaching program for tobacco cessation.


From 2008 to 2014, KCNC/CBS4 was the exclusive television partner for Colorado QuitLine.  Goals included market-wide brand awareness, outreach for Colorado QuitLine and ultimately enrollment into the tobacco cessation program.  Working with CDPHE, KCNC/CBS4 utilized its experience in brand building, production capabilities and took advantage of providing the highest profile programming on television, (NFL and Denver Broncos Football).

For this project, KCNC/CBS4 hired a high-profile Denver Broncos football player to act as spokesperson in :15 and :30 television spots. By correlating the athlete’s popularity with the health aspect needed for his success, a winning formula was achieved.  The television spots aired in the following areas: Denver Broncos Football games, AFC Football Games, SEC NCAA Football games, football ancillary programming, daytime and late evening and late news. In addition, CBS4 provided added value assets not available to traditional advertisers such as: over content elevators, sponsored segments and NFL game billboards.

Colorado QuitLine achieved tremendous success through this strategy.  In fact, they continued to use the Denver Broncos player strategy for several years beyond the exclusive partnership with KCNC/CBS4. During the KCNC/CBS4 tenure the phones rang off the hook when a spot aired during Denver Broncos Football.