How do you open doors when no one knows who’s knocking?
ACCION, a well-established micro-lending non-profit, knew there was a need for their services in Colorado and Arizona. Yet a lack of brand recognition and community support were holding them back.



In record time, our team developed a bilingual, integrated marketing campaign. Long-standing media partnerships in TV, radio, outdoor and print helped us balloon the allocated media budget with triple in added value. They supported us with countless free interviews, including at news affiliates for CBS, ABC, and Telefutura in Arizona and Colorado’s 9 News, and Fox News. Additionally, we garnered over $250,000 in free media exposure from Univision and 80% of the buy in added value from Fox and CW.

Radio stations, in both Spanish and English, jumped on board with free coverage and added value. With our outdoor partners, we implemented bus shelter advertising, negotiating an additional 350 bus interiors in Phoenix and Tucson as good will.

Understanding that we had to go beyond awareness to help ACCION gain a foothold, we worked on educating prospective clients. This entailed creating educational segments targeting small business owners that aired on Fox, Univision, and two Entravision radio stations.

In just two years, ACCION received so many inquiries that they tripled the amount of lending officers in order to keep up with the demand. Our efforts created a solid pathway to open expand operations in Texas and Nevada. We like to call that a job well done.