In a fast-growing city, construction, and the changes it brings, are inevitable. The National Western Center is set to transform the landscape of northern Denver with a 250-acre campus that combines agriculture, education and entertainment. The project is located in an underserved community that has been neglected for years and obtaining their buy-in is crucial to project success.



Since joining the CH2M/Jacobs project management team, we have worked to ensure constant communication with the communities adjacent to the National Western Center campus, building awareness about the importance of the project, promoting workforce development opportunities and providing updates on project advances.

As part of an integrated community communications plan, we anchored our community presence in the neighborhoods through traditional ‘boots on the ground’ via our fifteen-member, bilingual team of community navigators.

To encourage real-time, two-way communication, our team set up a designated texting platform (in both English and Spanish) to keep neighbors up to date on training sessions, meetings, construction progress, jobs and, more importantly, to respond to community questions via a Mail Bag initiative.