How to increase the effectiveness of a social responsibility and diversity program aimed at helping low-income families when you are not used to reach this hard-to-reach audience? Internet Essentials is an initiative from Comcast that offers extremely affordable internet access to low-income families with school-aged children.



Our team spearheaded the launch of their first storefront in a low-income neighborhood. This was a community celebration not the usual corporate event from Comcast. Live music, children entertainment, dancing, carnival games, and contests created a welcoming environment for the families.

Meaningful creative was developed and applied to an array of communication assets, including a targeted local website. Then, media, community relations and outreach plans were created and implemented.

One of the most successful components of the mix included placing in non-traditional retail stores. Hair and nail salons, taquerias, and Hispanic mercados became advertising outlets; and more than 15 lunch trucks became mobile billboards where our community navigators rode-along to increase face-to-face interactions with the audience at construction sites, manufacturing plants, hospitals, etc.

We took advantage of summer events to talk to families and walk them through the process of enrolling in the program. Movies at the parks, youth soccer championships, neighborhood fairs, and churches bazars became our avenues to showcase Comcast commitment to these communities.