The City and County of Denver is tackling the changing demographics in its schools by hiring more teachers of color that better reflect the student body. However, a lack of candidates in Denver meant their search was coming up empty.



To leverage a limited budget, our strategic plan focused on key geographic areas with the greatest possibility of responding to this initiative: Illinois, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, Pueblo and Colorado Springs. Emphasis was placed on targeting professional Millennials, and current young teachers of color.

Our team developed a campaign concept that spoke to the target audiences’ sense of independence and adventure: TAKE, CREATE, MAKE and BECOME. The ensuing creative and messaging were applied to a variety of pieces for print and digital ads, flyers, social media ads, video testimonials, and advertorials, among others.

The breadth of the campaign meant the creative and media mix were adapted to the particularities of each market. Placements included digital displays, social media buy, print ads and outreach to universities. Paid efforts were accompanied by public relations initiatives to build awareness and maximize resources.